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The women choir

About us
After three years from its foundation, in Spring 2016 ModusNovi has welcomed a new section of women voices.
In accordance with the spirit that, since the beginning, has characterized the conception and the creation of MODUSNOVI Ensemble, the new group will have its own autonomy in the repertoire, though there will be a strong cooperation between the two sections. ModusNovi can now be considered a modular formation with three vocal realities: the women choir, the man choir and the mixed one.
The artistic and musical direction of the three sections will be guided by Gian Franco Freguglia.

Maria Arisi, Emanuela Belluschi, Sonia Castoldi, Raffaella Folchini, Adriana Galbiati, Anna Meneghini, Emanuela Ripamonti

Artistic Direction and conduction
Gian Franco Freguglia

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