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The director

Musical and Artistic Director

He holds a degree in Lettere Moderne (BA Hons in Arts and Humanities) from the University of Milan. He is a teacher, translater and essayiest.

He has developed interdisciplinary competences in the historical and literary fields. He has focused on the relationship between the Western and the Eastern cultures in the Mediterranean area in the ancient and mediaeval age.

He is a scholar of Dante Alighieri and his acceptance during Renaissance; he supports the spread of studies in this field through "Lecturae Dantis", lessons and conferences.

He has been among the founders of the Cultural Association Asec of Pavia whose aim is to link together the traditional needs of the cultural research and the contemporary requests of the techniques of mass communication.

His most important productions are:
  • the Bible lessons about the books of Genesis and Exodus at the Università Bocconi and at the Milan Trade fair (2005 and 2006) with the participation of Gianfranco Ravasi and Erri De Luca;
  • the "Lessons in the Cathedral" during the “Festival dei saperi” (Annual cultural Festival - Pavia, 2007 and 2009);
  • "The Chant of the Spirits - Voices and Sounds in "The Divine Comedy" by Dante Alighieri (Lugano, 2008), three evenings with the Vittorio Sermonti as main actor.

For Italy’s 150th Unification Anniversary he cooperated in the writing and the stage management of the show "Voices of Women, Home and Love" gone on stage in 2011 at Dal Verme Theater in Milan.

He is a teacher of Italian and Latin language and literature. He teached at the most qualified high school in Monza. Since september 2016 he teaches in a high school in Bergamo.

Since he was young he studied music. He studied piano and pipe organ with Giancarlo Parodi and later he addressed to the choral activity. He graduated in Choral Singing and the Direction of Choir at the courses held by Bruno Raffaele Foti and studyed with Giovanni Acciai.

He has collaborated with the Gruppo Cameristico Almagesto Vocale. He is a member of the vocal ensemble of sacred ancient music More Antiquo that, in collaboration with the Radio of the Italian peaking Switzerland, has an intense choral activity.

He has been judge in many jury committees during national choral competitions.

He has been conductor of different choirs for almost 30 years.

From 1984 to 1996 he directed the Coro Popolare Città di Vimercate.

From 1997 to 2013, he was the Artistic Director of the Coro Fioccorosso of Monza.

As Conductor of these choirs, he pressed CDs and obtained successes, first prizes in national choral competitions and rewards at national and international level.

Since February 2013, he is the Artistic Director, Conductor and co-founder of ModusNovi Ensemble of Monza.

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