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The choirs

About us
ModusNovi ensemble was born in Monza, as a men choir, in February 2013. The singers come from meaningful previous choral experiences in recreational choirs.

The intents and the objectives that have motivated its founding are various. On one side, the choice of starting a path leading to the research of the measure of a sound still unexplored by the Italian male choirs. On the other side the opportunity of living the membership reality of the choir in a new way: through the development of cultural projects and musical performances developed by a modular and mobile formation that, according to the opportunities, cooperates with choral and/or instrumental groups.

ModusNovi ensemble repertoire stands out for the proposal of music pages that could become a stimulus for the spread of a vocal literature still little known and used. The sacred music goes from the ancient Gregorian to the contemporary authors’ one (R. Dubra, O. Gjeilo, V. Sinenko, ecc.). The folk tradition, both Italian and international, is characterized by harmonies that give new life to ancient texts and lost melodies. The choice of songwriter pieces is still characterized by the presence of poetry translated into music by some of the most known contemporary composers (M. Lauridsen, Z. Randall Stroope, ecc.).

For these characteristics, since its birth, ModusNovi ensemble does take part in musical festivals or holds concerts but, as for the suggested repertoire and the objectives it has, the choir holds and participates to concert-meditations about religious, spiritual and literary themes. In these occasions, not only the choral music has an important role, but also the presence of declaimed texts and instrumental pieces play a fundamental role.

The results of the participations and concerts until now obtained by ModusNovi ensemble are a direct evidence of the validity of this form of artistic communication: through voices and sounds, it lends a very peculiar trait to the relationship that the choir is able to establish with the audience.

Co-founder, Artistic Director and Conductor: Gian Franco Freguglia

After three years from its foundation, in Spring 2016 ModusNovi has welcomed a new section of women voices. In accordance with the spirit that, since the beginning, has characterized the conception and the creation of MODUSNOVI ensemble, the new group will have its own autonomy in the repertoire, though there will be a strong cooperation with the men choir still operating.
ModusNovi can now be considered a modular formation with three vocal realities: the women choir, the man choir and the mixed one.
The debut of the three choirs together occured in December 2016.

The artistic and musical direction of the three sections will be guided by Gian Franco Freguglia.


Giovanni Maria Ciuffo
Trainer Conductor
of men choir

Maria Francesca Arisi
Trainer Conductor
of women choir

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Update 11/10/2019
ModusNovi ensemble
Operative Headquarters: Villa Eva
Via Eva Segrè 8 - 20900 - Monza (MB) - Italy

ModusNovi Cultural and musical Association
Legal Headquarters:  Avv. S. T. Zanoni
Via F. Magellano 21 - 20900 Monza MB - Italy

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