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Terms and conditions

Service terms and conditions

The Italian and international users who access and use this website accept to comply with the general conditions of use included in the document below and/or described elsewhere in this website.
In case of non-acceptance, the user could not use this website and he takes responsibility for an inappropriate use of this website.
ModusNovi ensemble (hereinafter ModusNovi) can modify the general conditions of use at any time and without previous notice.
The purpose of this website is to present and promote the choir ModusNovi ensemble and its musical and cultural proposal, even by the ModusNovi Cultural Association.
The user is responsible for asking ModusNovi about clarifications and further details on the information contained in this website.
ModusNovi does not undertake any responsibility, guarantee or commitment, either expressly or tacitly, concerning the information contained in this website, the safety of this website and the compliance with international regulations.
ModusNovi reserves the right to make modifications and/or updating to the structure and contents of this website at any time and without prior announcement.
The information presented in this site could be not periodically updated and ModusNovi does not undertake any commitment on their updating. Updates are always showed on the bottom of any website page.
ModusNovi reserves the right to discontinue or limit the access to this website for any reason and at its own discretion.
In no case ModusNovi shall be responsible for direct, indirect, subsequent damages resulting from or related to the use or impossibility to use this website.
This website may contain links to websites and/or blog and/or YouTube channels of third parties that are not under ModusNovi’s control.
ModusNovi can supply these links only to facilitate the user in getting some given information, without previous control or approval of the contents of third-party websites. Therefore, in no case ModusNovi shall be responsible for the content of these websites of third parties.
The copyright and all the other rights of property on the structure and content (texts, photos, audio) of this website belong to ModusNovi.
Unless otherwise noted, the structure and content of this website may be reproduced and utilised, without any modification, and quoting the source, only for personal and not for commercial purposes. Any other use of the structure and content is prohibited without the previous written authorization by ModusNovi.
Any notice of copyright or of other rights should be kept in all reproductions.
The present general conditions of use are regulated only by the Italian legislation.
The personal data provided by the user through this website or in connection with it shall be handled by ModusNovi in accordance with Italian privacy law and policy (DL 196/2003)
For further information contact info@modusnovi.it
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Update 11/10/2019
ModusNovi ensemble
Operative Headquarters: Villa Eva
Via Eva Segrè 8 - 20900 - Monza (MB) - Italy
Email: info@modusnovi.it

ModusNovi Cultural and musical Association
Legal Headquarters:  Avv. S. T. Zanoni
Via F. Magellano 21 - 20900 Monza MB - Italy

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