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In short


- newly elaborated and harmonized songs from the folk Italian and international repertoire;
- songwriter pieces: from classic polyphony to contemporary;
- sacred music: from Gregorian chant to contemporary.

A meaningful example of the kind of repertoire offered by ModusNovi is made up of the following pieces. Among these we find "Sure on this shining night" by Morten Lauridsen and "Amor de mi alma" of Z. Randall Stroope that stand out for their extraordinary poetical and musical intensity.

In short:

From the songwriter pieces:
- Amor de mi alma (Love of my soul): a love sonnet of 16th century by Garcilaso de la Vega harmonized by the contemporary American composer Z. Randall Stroope. The deep nature of the sweet words of the Spanish   poet have been translated into music with an intensity that reflects the sensitivity of the images instilled by the poetry.
- Sure on this shining night: a poetical song by James Agee set to music by Morten Lauridsen. A wonderful and moving song enriched by Lauridsen’s great music sensitivity.
- The long day closes: music by Arthur Sullivan for the text of Henry F. Chorley. It is a laic prayer for the night; the end of the day and the die of the light become images of a life that must deal with its past.

From the folk Italian and international repertoire:
- Ale Brider (We are all brothers): a song of the Jewish culture in Yiddish arranged by Joshua Jacobson for the text by Morris Winchevsky (here in the transcription by Marco Blondet). It is a joyful invitation to brotherhood and love.
- Erev Shel Shoshanim (The evening of the roses): a text by Yosef Hadar armonized by Moshe Dor (here in the transcription by Marco Blondet). It is a sweet love melody famous in the Middle East and often executed during Jewish weddings.
- Cossa m’importa a mi (I don't care): folk melody from the lower part of Verona territory by Terenzio Zardin. The peculiarity of this harmonization consists in the fact that this famous folk song has been almost made “sacred” in the choral form with variation.

From the sacred repertoire:
- O bone Jesu, a penitential song by the contemporary young composer Manolo da Rold.
- An Irish Blessing, a blessing song from the folk sacred Irish tradition.
- Salve Regina written and armonized by Massimo Annoni.

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