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By visiting the ModusNovi website ( and using the services connected to it, you agree to the use of cookies in accordance with this European Cookie Policy.
If you do not agree to the use of cookies in this way, you need either to set your web browser correctly or not visiting the site and not using our services.
Use and purpose of the Cookie
A Cookie is a small text sent to your browser from a visited web site. It allows the website to store information about your visit, such as your preferred language and other settings.
Cookies help us to provide our services and improve the performances of the website and the user experience in the use of the same.
Third Party Cookies
Cookies can be sent either from the visited web site or from its third parties websites.
In the case of third-party Cookies, sending is strictly necessary to provide services and / or features that the third parties are providing (such as navigation statistics or social media plugins).

Cookies Management
If you prefer to disable cookies you need to change the settings of your web browser, finding the appropriate references in the browser help Guide.
Please note that this operation may affect the browsing experience causing disruption of some features and functionality of the website or making inaccessible some parts of it.

Details on Cookie policy
The aim of this cookie policy in detail is to explain the types of cookies used on the website and how they are used, as well as to provide information on how to reject or delete these cookies if the user so chooses.
A cookie is a piece of text that is sent by a web server (e.g. this website) to the user’s Internet browser. The browser then automatically stores the cookie on the user’s computer, and automatically sends it back to the server whenever the user visits the website. By default, almost all web browsers allow cookies to be accepted automatically.
The cookies are categorized in accordance with Opinion 04/2012 on Cookie Consent Exemption, issued by the Article 29 Working Party in reference to the European Union ( and with the decision of the Italian Data Protection Authority (Garante per la protezione dei dati personali, “Garante”) on the “simplified information notice and cookie consent” (“Cookie Decision”)
The ModusNovi ensemble website ( uses or may use the types of cookies listed below:
Technical cookies
This type of cookies are required to ensure the correct running of the site. To this broad category, the Garante associates also the analytic cookies placed by the publisher or the manager the site, provided that the only aggregated data are processed, as well as the functionality cookies to improve the service provided to the users.
They are often categorized according to the following characteristics:
1) Whether they are “session cookies” and/or “persistent cookie”.
2) Whether they are "first-party" cookies and/or “third-party cookies.
The “session” cookies are temporarily stored on the user’s computer purely for technical and functional purposes. These cookies allow for the transmission of the necessary session identifiers in order to ensure safe and efficient browsing on the website; they are deleted at the end of the “session” (hence the name), when the browser is closed. By using this type of cookie, other computer techniques that are potentially detrimental to users’ privacy when browsing can be avoided.
The "persistent cookies” remain stored on the computer’s hard drive until their expiration date or deletion by the user/visitor. Persistent cookies allow any visitor (or any other user who uses the same computer) to be automatically recognized when they log on to the site and many user-friendly features are provided through persistent cookies (for example, browser language preferences can be saved). Users can set their browsers to accept/reject all cookies, or to prompt them each time a cookie is offered so that they can decide whether to accept it or not. In any case, users are able to change their default settings and disable cookies (that is, definitively block them) by setting their browsers to the highest level of protection.
"First-party" cookies. When they are set directly by the owner and/or manager of the website
"Third-party" cookies. When they are created and set by sources other than the website the user has visited.
Analytic cookies
These cookies are used to gather and analyze statistical information on logins/visits to the site.
The ModusNovi ensemble website ( uses this type of cookies transmitted by the Histats analytic service. For further and more detailed informations about the use of analytic cookies by Histats, please refer to the "Privacy Policy-Terms of Use" of Histats.
Behavioral or profiling cookies
They are cookies that allow a profiling of the user, so as to propose to the same user more tailored advertising. While no prior consent is provided for technical cookies, behavioral cookies require a specific and express consent.
The ModusNovi ensemble website ( does not use the profiling cookies
Third-party widgets
They are cookies to integrate products and/or third parties software functions. This category encompasses all those components that make up a program’s graphical user interface, with the aim of helping the user interact with the program itself. To cite an example, Facebook, Google+, Youtube, Twitter cookies are widgets. Further information on privacy policies and the use of these types of cookies can be found directly on the websites of the organizations that create and manage them.
Third-party website and services
This website may contain links to other web channels that comply with an own Privacy Policy that may be different from the ModusNovi one.
ModusNovi does not take any responsability of these websites and regarding everithing published by them.
How to disable and/or to restrict cookies
Every browser gives methods for limiting or disabling cookies. Even if most of browsers, currently in use, automatically accept cookies, User has the possibility to set up own browser in order to exclude the cookies reception in any moment and to delete cookies already received.
You need to refer to the appropriate references in the browser help Guide to exclude or to limit reception of any cookies.

The procedure to manage cookies with reference to the main browsers is described to the following link
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Contact form
The User agrees to the use of the data inserted into the contact-form in order to receive informations about
the choir activities and any other information
Name, email and phone
The data are preserved at the ModusNovi Cultural Association
Access analysis from Histsts
The accesses of the Users on this site are analyzed through services
Cookie and data of the use
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Facebook, Inc.
Facebook services are necessary to the interaction with the social network Facebook and are supplied from Facebook, Inc.
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Youtube and third-party services of Google Inc.
Youtube is a social network managed from Google Inc. with the possibility dto integrate the contents into its own pages
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