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About us

The Cultural Music Association ModusNovi has been founded in May 2014 with the aims declared in the second article of its Charter:
... foster the interest for the choral singing and, in general, for the music, also through a group of singers, called “ModusNovi Ensemble” and possible new choirs, but also through the organizations of sessions whose aim is to study and exercise the choral singing and the music….
carry out the above mentioned activities also collaborating with other groups, corporations, associations whose sensitivity, aim and goals are similar or identical to the ones pursued by the Association, and also with external musicians, composers or singers ...

The Association Board of Directors
  • President:  Sonia Castoldi
  • Vice President:  Angelo Aliprandi

  • Alberto Riva (Treasurer)
  • Simone Tacito Zanoni (General Secretary)
  • Maria Arisi (Trainer Conductor of women choir)
  • Maurizio Robotti (Communications, logistics, webmaster)

The legal Headquarters of the Cultural Music Association ModusNovi is located in Monza, via Ferdinando Magellano 21
(at the law office Avv. Simone Tacito Zanoni)

For further information go to the section Contact us in this site

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Update 11/10/2019
ModusNovi ensemble
Operative Headquarters: Villa Eva
Via Eva Segrè 8 - 20900 - Monza (MB) - Italy

ModusNovi Cultural and musical Association
Legal Headquarters:  Avv. S. T. Zanoni
Via F. Magellano 21 - 20900 Monza MB - Italy

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